Electronic signature

Thanks to the public key infrastructures (also known as PKI for its acronym in English, it is possible for registration and certification authorities to issue and manage digital signature certificates to users, not only to individuals/natural persons, but legal entities/artificial persons as well.


In the issuance and certification services of electronic invoice, as well as in commercial documents, where it is desirable for it to have legal probative value, it is fundamental that the digital signature certificates come from central, recognized and open institutions.

The chain of trust that is traced in a PKI, starts with strict identity verification protocols, as well as with process controls for the certificate issuance management, safeguard, publication and revocation.


The documents signed with digital certificates that come from such chain of trust, include authenticity guarantees, data integrity, non-repudiation and confidentiality.


Regardless of the different regulatory scaffolds of Latin America, the platforms for the issuance and exchange of digital certified documents require the digital signature based on central, recognized and open governmental authorities, as scheme pillars for organized parties, who promote a safe development for the exchange of data messages, transactions and signed documents.

We promote the harmonization of electronic invoicing in Latin America.

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