Electronic invoice

Electronic invoice is a structured data message that is exchanged in digital format.

Although the universal term for electronic invoice has different denominations in the regulations of each country, in this section we will use the term “electronic invoice” to universally refer to its different local identifications, such as:


  • Electronic invoice, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia
  • CFDI, online digital tax receipt, Mexico
  • NF-e, Electronic Tax Note, Brazil
  • Electronic payment receipt, Peru
  • Electronic tax documentation, Uruguay

When an electronic invoice is issued using the taxpayers’ electronic signature certificates and additionally its syntax is validated, where appropriate, certified by companies of the character of Authorized Providers, then such invoice is a certified electronic invoice. In ALATIPAC we promote the certified electronic invoice model for your safety, reliability and cascade benefits for the entire tax and business ecosystem.


Thanks to the certification of the Authorized Provider, the electronic invoice that has this element, represents an implementation and scalable updates model to serve Taxpayers´ register and the agile tax dynamics.

The characteristics of the electronic invoice that are mentioned in this section of the site, describe the electronic invoice that has an Authorized Providers certification, or its similar form in the corresponding country.


Benefits of the electronic invoice

Private Sector

  • Enables the commercial automation from the exchange of the electronic invoice.
  • Simplifies the administration: Aligns business documents such as purchase orders and reception notes to the billing cycle.
  • Improves financial controls.
  • Optimizes payment verification programming.
  • Accelerates collection timing.



Public sector

  • Increases tax collection and combats tax evasion.
  • Improves tax control in real time.
  • Allows data verification, guaranteeing organized information that may be used through systems.
  • Contributes to procedure simplification.
  • Promotes formal economy.


We promote the harmonization of electronic invoicing in Latin America.

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