Authorized Providers

Throughout Latin America, the image of Authorized Providers adopts several denominations according to the regulations of each country and the services for which those companies are authorized, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Authorized Providers, PA, Electronic Tax Services Provider, PSTE, Electronic Invoice Generators, GFACE, Technology Authorized Providers, PAT, Electronic Services Providers, PSE, Certification Service Providers, PSC, Authorized Certification Providers, PAC, are just a few of the official denominations with which Authorized Providers in Latin America can be found.

Throughout this site, we will make general reference to such categories using the term, Authorized Provider.


Even when its regulations, operations and services vary among them, depending on the powers granted by the corresponding authorities, Authorized Providers throughout Latin America are distinguished by having the following values:

They accredit technological and legal audits in before authorities at a national or federal level in their country of authorization, through with they prove their technical capacity and their legal standing for the provision of services to the general public.

Due to the use of digital certificates, they may certify the authenticity of origin of a digital document and the integrity of its content, maintaining confidentiality at all times.

They are permanently audited and regulated by governmental authorities and shall provide economic guarantees as a condition for the provision of services.

They have added value services for users in all industries and economic sectors.

They validate and certify data messages of tax or commercial nature, according to their field of operation.

We promote the harmonization of electronic invoicing in Latin America.

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